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Microcar Press Releases

September 2015

NEW Microcar MGO-3

Announcing a new addition to the Microcar range, the MGO-3. Please call UK Sales for further information.

September 2015

Microcar UK introduce the M.GO-3 Highland

October 2009
M.GO launched in the UK!

Microcar UK announce with great pleasure the introduction of M.GO-3 cars for the United Kingdom. Microcar complies fully with EU type approval within the heavy quadriclyes legislation.

M.GO-3's introduction is a significant milestone in the history of licence free cars introduced some 30 years ago in France.

M.GO-3 is the worlds first lightweight small saloon 4 seat car weighing under 400kg. combined with the interior space of a Mini and with a 505cc fuel injection engine capable of 72mph and over 60mpg.

M.GO-3 may be driven by car and motor bike licence holders in the UK.

M.GO-3 is in volume production and right hand models have been exclusively produced with petrol fuel injection for the UK market only.

Prices for the Microcar range commence from £9500.00.

Microcar is represented by sixty dealerships in the UK, and cars are imported by Microcar UK Stratford upon Avon Tel 01789 730 094.

M.GO-3 continues the presence of Microcar within the UK since January 2000 when the Virgo range was introduced, followed by the MC1 range in 2004.

Microcar cars are manufactured near Nantes in Western France. Microcar operations commenced production in 1982 with the introduction of small cars in the licence free sector known throughout Europe as quadricycles.

Microcar are presently producing 45 cars per day, with the main sales in France and with distributors in nine European markets. Microcar represents 80% of the UK quadricycle sector.

Since microcar type cars were introduced into the UK in 2000 some 6500 have been registered. A high majority of customers have motor cycle licences.

Microcar distribute cars through sixty dealers nationally, with a further twenty service agents in key areas. A full two-year warranty is provided.

Microcar UK is located near Stratford upon Avon with headquarters sales, service and parts operations.

We have recognised for some time the requirement to manufacture a larger car within the weight and performance limits of existing B1 licence legislation category, which permits motor cycle licence holders to drive quadricycles in the UK. This is of course an extension of the tricycle sector. In addition car licence holders drive M.GO-3, and in particular motor home owners requiring a lightweight towed car, who until recently have not had an option to Smart or small Fiat cars.

M.GO-3 offers a true competitor to Smart, with outstanding space and style.

The all new M.GO-3 is available as two seat (Standard), or with a “Mini beating” family four seat.

The size of M.GO-3 is considerably larger than rival products such as Smart and we bring new quality and refinement levels to this sector.

This clearly places Microcar as the largest lightweight car available in the world!

M.GO-3 improvements compared to earlier Microcar models

The new range is fitted with the latest fuel injection Lombardini 505cc-petrol engine with considerably improved performance, economy and refinement.

We have also taken the opportunity to incorporate anti dive suspension, with larger disc brakes all round. The suspension and dynamic handling is truly excellent with great safety margins in place.

The interior has been radically changed and enlarged, the front seats are individually shaped with independent squab reclines. The electronics are new with slimline harness and digital instruments incorporating exterior temperature reading.

The body design has been considerably strengthened by use of alloy subframes and rigid panel bonding. The design is led by a great desire for occupant safety and the extruded alloy section robot jigged frame has immense torsional rigidity permitting a truly dynamic chassis with superb suspension and handling characteristics.

Microcar is using formed composite panels similar in process to smart. This new composite structure provides excellent panel stiffness with the benefit of class leading lightweight design. The body assembly is by robot and uses world class build methods.

The new model M.GO-3 range replaces the MC1/MC2 & M.GO-1, M.GO-2.

The M.GO-3 logo, which in itself represents a high quality style and complements the new direction the company is taking in becoming the leading quality producer in the small car sector.

The investment in M.GO-3 is in the region of £12m and with a new greenfield site, with robot body assembly and latest conveyor handling and assembly systems productivity is more efficient resulting in the highest right first time quality from a highly skilled workforce.

This high achievement is demanded by today’s customer, and with the large and successful Ligier Group (Paris), behind all that is appearing from Microcar we are confident of a world class quality small lightweight car. Ligier Group is the largest producer of quadricycles worldwide.

Key Features
Performance max speed 70 mph 0-50 12 seconds* fuel 65 mpg estimated*
Weight unladen 397kg
Fuel injected petrol multi point Lombardini /Renault system 21 bhp governed 5400 rpm
All wheel disc brakes with front anti dive suspension
Full body formed ABS
Alloy centre frame with great rigidity
Wide door entry low sill hatch door two or four seat models
Rack & pinion steering with MacPherson struts
CVT Comex transmission
Alloys - 155/60/14 tyres

*Estimated figure depending on conditions.

Microcar UK are proud to present the M.GO-3 range of vehicles for 2016 year. From design commencement, M.GO-3 has been specified as a true four seat car, with petrol Lombardini four stroke power units.

M.GO-3 complies fully with full European vehicle type approval, and is legislated as a heavy quadricycle. This European directive legislates for vehicles under 400kg unladen with max 21 bhp to be licenced in EU countries. This EU directive permits full motor cycle licence holders, pre 2002,and car licence holders to drive Microcar in the UK.

Microcar is manufactured in western France, south of Nantes. The factory is new and built for purpose as a vehicle production unit. Production facilities are state of the art with very high usage of robots and world class assembly methods. Production averages 50 units per day / shift capacity.

M.GO-3 has been designed as a leader for the enviroment with 95.5% recyclable materials, within the factory enviroment which has achieved ISO 9004, an Auotomotive sector leader.

All engineering and design is in house, with quality designed into the product first time. Quality engineering is a key feature of Microcar ensuring high customer satisfaction and low warranty levels.

Marketing is also in house and the factory operates full administration, sales, purchasing, service, parts, engineering, manufacturing from a single site.