The expertise of lightweight design by Microcar with over twenty five years experience has created a new balance of style, size, and safety, combined with new refinements and performance from the new fuel injected power units.

This new level of design and style clearly places Microcar into the forefront of lightweight performance cars.

About Microcar UK

Microcar factory - M.GO quality production

Microcar/Ligier is the leading small car producer, with a new, large factory facility located in Western France, near Nantes. The factory is ultra modern with full robotic body assembly, and has exacting production standards to world class assembly methods complying to ISO9002 and ISO9004. All engineering, styling, marketing, sales and purchasing, manufacture is from this one facility.

Microcar Car UK is the sole UK agent since 2000 for Microcar/Ligier vehicles and has headquarters near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Microcar UK imports vehicles directly from the factory in France, and distributes to 45 UK dealers/garages. A techincal, sales, service and parts operation team offer full support throughout the UK. Parts operations are located at headquarters, and next day deliveries are assured to mainland Britain.

Microcar UK works closely with the UK Government departments/SMMT, and insurance companies (ABI-Thatcham).