The Microcar MC1/MC2

The MC1 and MC2 were launched in the UK in April 2004 and November 2006 respectively. Information about the models is presented on this page and earlier press releases.

In 2008, a limited edition 'Highland' was introduced with roof rails and distinctive front end rear bumpers.

In September 2009, MC2 was replaced by the M.GO. Find out more here.

Virgo models in diesel and petrol versions were introduced into the UK in 2000 to early 2004, and were replaced by MC1.

MC1 with full bench front seat, followed by individual front seats known as MC2



Technical Equipment/Specification
Engine PETROL MULTI POINT FUEL INJECTION - Lombardini / Yanmar 523cc diesel - option
Fuel Petrol unleaded (Diesel option)
Displacement Twin cylinder four stroke in line
505cc petrol
Power 21 bhp
Fuel Pressure 4.5 bar
EFI System Lombardini
Cooling Water cooled / alloy pressurised radiator
Alternator External 40 amp engine driven alternator
Transmission CVT variable system auto via Comex geared differential 8:1
Fuel Capacity 16.1 litres 4 gal imp
Tyres Michelin 145/70/13 energy saving
Fuel consumption Average rural 65mpg estimated (Diesel 75mpg estimated)
Steering circle 4.10m
Brakes Front disc Rear disc handbrake rear twin caliper
Steering Rack and pinion
Suspension McPherson strut rear independent shock/spring
incorporating anti dive geometry
Body Composite formed with rigid aluminum safety cell structure
Seating Capacity Two front (long wheel base four)
Seat Belts Three point front and rear inertia type
Max Speed 72mph estimated - Petrol